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5 Ways Tabriz Rugs Can Elevate Any Interior Design and Style

Museums display beautiful, coveted, priceless things. But not all such things are found in the form of paintings and sculptures. Indeed, the French term objet d’art is used colloquially in English to refer to objects that are as museum-worthy as their oil-on-canvas brethren yet are different. 

Most would agree that ancient, hand-knotted Persian carpets are impeccably crafted examples of art that just happens to also be functional, and few rugs from Iran are as dazzling as Tabriz rugs. 

Even in the rarefied world of Persian rugs, Tabriz rugs are easy to spot, dominated as they are by a medallion in the middle, most often framed by floral garden motifs as well as depicting portraits of palaces, ruins, or brilliant minds of Persian culture.

Top-tier Tabriz carpets are typically short pile made of wool, sometimes silk. But the fireworks are in the weave, specifically, the knot density per square meter which introduces some brain-busting numbers measured in “raj” which refers to the unit of knot density. 

Back to our point about museums. London’s Victoria and Albert Museum displays one of two famed Ardabil Carpets, believed to be among the earliest in existence to have survived (made circa mid-16th century), among the biggest (34 ft. by almost 17 ft. in truncated form), and unquestionably one of the loveliest. Its eye-popping twin lives in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Most notably, however, the carpets bear a typical Tabriz design, with one central medallion and smaller, ornate designs on the perimeter. “Such medallions and shapes were central to the design and reality of Persian gardens, a common symbol of paradise for followers of Islam,” notes Wiki. 

Tabriz is a city some 400 miles northwest of the capital Tehran and has for centuries served as a key trading post owing to its proximity to Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. Famous for its blue mosque, Tabriz is of course also renowned for its carpets 

It is no overstatement to say that displaying a unique and authentic Tabriz carpet in the home will elevate any interior design and style, adding a touch of museum-worthy dazzle your space. Here are five noteworthy ways. 

17190 Signed Tabriz 11'7"x16'6"

Tabriz rugs are handmade with intricate designs, making them a unique and stylish addition to any room

Simply glancing at a gorgeous Tabriz rug is akin to staring at a painting, so entrancing and ornate are the designs. Tabriz rugs are floor art, plain and simple, and a particularly stunning example from Mansour is Rug #17190, a signed Tabriz from Northwest Persia, mid-20th century, that spans an impressive 11’ 7” by 16’ 6” and is, in a word, breathtaking. 

As the site description notes, “The field with a central roundel with an outer band of linked light blue and deep blue arches around a central light blue cusped lozenge surrounded by a brick-red and pistachio-green bands with rows of honeycomb lozenges, the central roundel surrounded by large polychrome linked arches containing deep blue floral vine around a small plaque on a stand alternating with a bottle-green and shaded apricot cruciform bands.”

Indeed, any room big enough to comfortably house such a rug is likely already a showpiece space; this Tabriz rug with its blue and gold colors is certain to be both a complementary addition and a showstopper all its own.

25905 Tabriz 7'3"x14'8"

Tabriz rugs come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to match your interior design style

As noted in the example above, Tabriz rugs can be quite large. But smaller sizes are available, making the rugs perfect design pieces for any room in the house, from bedroom to library. For example, Mansour Tabriz Rug #25905, also from Northwest Persia, early 20th century, measures a relatively compact 7’ 3” by 14’ 8” which would be ideal in an entranceway or beneath a pride-of-place table set against a wall and displaying treasured objects. A Tabriz rug at this size could also be wall-mounted to underscore its art-like beauty and craftsmanship.

What’s more, the color palettes of traditional hand-woven Persian Tabriz rugs are vivid and vast, including (but not limited to) navy blue, sapphire, ivory, caramel, orange, turquoise and more.

Tabriz rugs add warmth and comfort to any space, making them perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas of the home

Those living in cooler climates — especially areas that experience full-blown winters, from Montana to Manitoba — know well the comfort a well-chosen area rug can bring. But all spaces benefit from the warmth, both literal and figurative, of floor coverings which delight the eyes as much as the feet. 

Antique Silk Tabriz Rug from North West Persia

14684 Silk Tabriz 9'3"x13'

It would be a dream indeed to awaken each day to the sight of Mansour’s Rug #14684, a hand-woven silk rug with “with three rows of five vertical linked panels surrounded by a plain tomato-red band each panel containing a variety of finely drawn prayer arches, vases surrounded dense floral vines, trees issuing flowerheads surrounded by flowering vine and a miniature rug design, the central panel of the carpet with a tiny central lozenge issuing four radiating palmettes with a small rectangular floral panel above and below.” 

Add to that “an ivory border of polychrome meandering palmette and serrated leaf vine, between multiple floral vine stripes, a signature cartouche above.” 

Stunning doesn’t begin to describe this traditional Tabriz rug. And yet these selections represent just a fraction of what’s on offer. As purveyor of the largest antique rug collection in the world, Mansour literally has something to meet every taste and design criteria.

13085 Silk Tabriz 16'2"x27'

When used in conjunction with other decor pieces, Tabriz rugs can really elevate the look of any room

Whether following a decorating pattern that embraces symmetry or contrast, Tabriz rugs are an ideal addition to the equation. For example, a monochromatic color scheme based on predominantly neutral shades would permit the hues and designs in a Tabriz rug to pop, becoming a key focal point in the room without overwhelming it.  For example, a room decorated in earthy beige tones would be electrified by the addition of Rug #13085, a traditional hand-woven pure silk Tabriz with a golden-yellow field. 

3143 Tabriz 9'6"x11'8"

At the other end of the spectrum, a room outfitted with vibrant colors (think sofa or chairs in jewel tones, with dark wood accents or dramatic paint shades) would contrast brilliantly against Rug #3143, an antique wool Tabriz rug with a shaded rust-colored field with delicate delicate alternating paisleys

The intricate designs and patterns of Tabriz rugs add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior space

The headline above really says it all. Whether home or office, bedroom, or dining room — in dimensions that are small, medium, or large — Tabriz-style Persian rugs broadcast style, taste, and splendor, elevating interior design to spectacular heights while imbuing its host space with instant elegance. Exquisite beauty like this just never goes out of style.