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Mansour's Tips to Identify Authentic Handmade Oriental Rugs

Learning how to identify authentic handmade oriental rugs can ultimately save you both time and money. After all, you do not want anything but a quality handmade oriental rug when you begin shopping for a new home furnishing. From white threads to colored knots and foundation threads, there are quite a few characteristics to look for to ensure you find yourself a genuine oriental rug. So, as a first-time client-investor, how can one identify authentic oriental rugs?

When it comes time to identify authentic handmade oriental rugs, it is crucial to understand that immediately spotting a fake can be challenging. To avoid being sweet-talked into purchasing a fake, you must understand the three fundamental requirements for authentic oriental rugs.

1 - 100% Hand Woven

One of the more natural ways to identify authentic handmade oriental rugs is by making sure the rug is handmade

2- Crafted from Natural Fibers like Wool, Cotton, Silk, Aloe, Hemp, Mohair, Jute

An authentic oriental rug is crafted from only the finest, high natural fibers like wool, cotton, and silk

3- Made in Iran, India, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Russia, Morocco, or Afghanistan, Egypt, Parts of Europe including France, Ireland, and Austria

Finally, to directly identify as a high-quality Oriental rug, it must be made in any of the following countries: Iran, India, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Russia, Morocco, or Afghanistan

If you are looking at purchasing an authentic oriental rug, these are the characteristics you want to be sure it possesses before making the decision. If the rug you are inspecting is lacking any of these characteristics, it is not an authentic, handmade oriental rug. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to ask these questions before committing.

The Details That Identify Authentic Handmade Authentic Handmade Oriental Rugs

When shopping for your first authentic handmade Oriental rug, the devil is really in the details. For instance, the actual construction of the rug is what will give away whether 

the rug is authentic or not. One of the most significant factors to be on the lookout for is whether the rug in question is handmade or crafted by machine. From the white spots that result from white threads to design patterns, it is the little things that set a quality handmade Oriental rug apart.

When a rug has a label disclosing it as 'machine-made oriental rug,' it immediately disqualifies its authenticity, being that it was not made by hand. The difference between 'machine-made' and hand-knotted is easy to spot, primarily when you refer to our 'Characteristics of Oriental Rugs' post.

Referring to those authentic characteristics, you want to begin by inspecting the design patterns and weave of the rug in question. This inspection means looking closely at both the front and back of the rug, both in shape and size. Something you will likely notice when you identify authentic handmade persian rugs is the existence of imperfections within the weave. When a rug is handmade using wooden looms, the existence of imperfections is quite common.

Where the back of the rug is concerned, you should be able to spot a horizontal row of weft threads. Finally, the design of the rug itself is likely not going to be the same color, size, or even design. Colors, for example, will vary from being dyed at different times/in different locations. Finally, take a good look at the fringe. Keep in mind, if the fringe itself was sewn on after its creation, you are probably looking at an imitation.

Identify Authentic Handmade Oriental Rugs Like A Pro

While there are quite a few characteristics to identify authentic handmade oriental rugs, it is not always easy to separate the real from the fake. Considering you are likely acquiring an persian rug to add appeal to your home, you want to know your money is both well-spent and honest. With natural materials, handmade qualities, and its origin of creation in mind—even first-time clients should be successful in their search. With the help of Mansour, you will find yourself in possession of a beautiful, authentic oriental rug in no time.