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Proper Caring for Your Luxury Rug

When you find the perfect rug, the proper care is paramount to a durable and attractive rug. At Mansour, we want to help inform you on the many ways you can care for your rug, even in a high traffic area.

Finding the Perfect Luxury Rug with Mansour: Your Size, Your Style

From rug styles to materials, design, and rug sizes, Mansour Antique Persian Rugs helps you choose a rug that is perfect for your space, any size, any style. Find the perfect rug with Mansour.

A How-to Guide: Decorating your Home with Oriental Rugs By Mansour

Decorating your home with oriental rugs adds an air of class and style to an otherwise blank slate. Here you learn the best way to decorate with oriental rugs.

Mansour's Tips to Identify Authentic Handmade Oriental Rugs

From natural materials to power looms, recognizing genuine oriental Persian rugs is convenient when you know for what to look. Come and identify authentic handmade oriental rugs with us.

Mansour Fine Rugs - Los Angeles and New York

Mansour Los Angeles, our flagship showroom, was established in 1993 and offers to our clients one of the finest collections of antique rugs, carpets and tapestries anywhere in the world. Our gallery in New York City (Manhattan) has its own collection of fine antique pieces.

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